Our History, Our Passion

In 1974 Paul Sandoval had a vision to make his family Tamales fresh every day, maintaining the highest quality at fair prices. That vision became a reality in 1975 when Paul and his family started making their “mile high traditional” Tamales in north Denver to nearly a “food cult” following. Our family now has more than six members involved in the day to day operations and still subscribes to a very basic “path to success”.

  • Produce really good food, made fresh daily. Our Tamales, sauces, and the entire menu is made fresh daily. We keep the menu simple, but maintain the philosophy that if we serve it at our restaurant, we would serve it at home!
  • Maintain consistent quality: Regardless of food cost; quality ingredients are never compromised.
  • Menu prices: Very good food at very reasonable prices.
  • Build employee loyalty. Most of our staff has been here many years and they know what is expected to serve our valued and loyal customers. All of our full time workers are provided with benefits including health insurance.
  • Keep our restaurant and Tamale factory absolutely spotless and clean at all times. The restaurant and our Tamale factory is a USDA inspected factory and facility that also has state and local inspections on going. We consistently maintain outstanding scores and are very proud of our facility.
  • We know our customers because we provide our customers with a great quality experience and take the time to talk and listen.
  • Be apart of the neighborhood we serve. We are often a gathering place for families and friends.
  • Be apart of the community we serve. Paul and Paula Sandoval are very involved in the community and in government. Both have served in the Colorado State Senate for eight years each. Paul also served on the Denver Public School board and Paula currently serves as a City Councilwoman representing District 1 in Denver.

If you are a Tamale fan or fan of New Mexican cuisine, our hand made and freshly prepared dishes have been a Denver tradition served by the Sandoval family for nearly four decades. Established in 1975, Paul and Paula Sandoval and their family have been serving Denver’s families with the best Tamales, green chile, and other Mexican favorite dishes to thousands of devoted customers.

Thousands of our followers have enjoyed dozens and dozens of green, red and vegetarian Tamales, breakfast burritos, enchiladas, green chile and many other delights. We make homemade green chile and red chile sauce as well. Ask about our kids menu and our gluten free items as well. At Tamales by La Casita we take pride in the traditional New Mexican cuisine that has reflections from Mexico, the Native American Indian, and Spanish influences that date back centuries. New Mexican food is America’s oldest cuisine. It’s also Colorado’s legendary fare since the southern part of our state and New Mexico were once part of Mexico.

Enjoy our family's hospitality and service all day long. We serve our entire menu all day long.

Open Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and on Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Don’t forget to finish off your meal with our wonderful sopapillas with honey!

The Expanding success story. Now serving our local and regional menu in Terminal C at Denver International Airport.

Life is a little better and tastes a little better because of the Sandoval Family.

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